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  1. Preparatory Committee. A Preparatory Committee has been set up, which includes members from different areas of the Global African community. Two Preparatory Committee Meetings have been held. Members of the Preparatory Committee will have voting rights at the Congress. The members of the Preparatory Committee were 13 for the 2010 meeting and 11 for 2012 meeting.
  2. Numbers of Participants. The 2nd Preparatory Committee envisaged that a total of plus/minus 200 persons will be in attendance for the Congress.
  3. Observers. It was agreed at the 2nd Preparatory Meeting that there would be observers who will be groups and individuals who invite themselves with the approval of the Congress Secretariat. They are free to sit in and participate in the workshops and meetings but will have no voting rights.
  4. Status Report Writers. Status Report writers will be made up of selected academics and scholars who will prepare the status reports for the different regions. The regions being Brazil; the rest of South America; the Caribbean; the USA + Canada (Canada as a separate sub-unit for North America); Europe, the Middle East, the rest of Asia and Africa. The Status Reports will be used in discussion in workshops to develop resolutions and recommendations which will be voted upon and submitted to plenary.
  5. Other Invited Participants. Significant and important figures from the Global African community whose contributions will enrich the work of Congress will be invited in their own individual capacities. This will be a restricted number of people of no more than 12 in total.
  6. Constituencies. Congress however will consist mainly of invited groups/constituencies which will nominate delegates for attendance. These groups will consist of trade unions, youth organizations, women’s organizations, peasants and farmers’ organizations and other such organizations with broad social bases and recognized track records for their involvement in work and activity related to the upliftment of Africans and African descendants. Such groups will give a stronger democratic character to the representation in Congress. Each of these groups will send its own delegates, 1, 2 or 3 and will have voting rights. Delegations and delegates with voting rights must reflect the demographic balances in the different regions of Global African community.
  7. Location and Venue. It was agreed that the 8th PAC shall take place in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  8. Date. The 8th PAC has been scheduled for 14th – 16th January 2014.
  9. Post-Congress Secretariat. A Post-Congress Secretariat will be established to follow through the implementation of the resolutions and recommendations.


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