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  8th PAC Status Report Series

The following Status Reports from the 8th Pan African Congress have been published. They are available at R50 each. To place your order, please contact

No. 1- Black Labor and Black Liberation (U.S.A)
By Abdul Alkalimat

No. 2- Status of the Social and Economic Conditions of Afro-Descendants in North America: The Lingering Effects of Dislocation and the Prospects for an Afrocentric Victory.
Molefi Kete Asante

No. 3- The Condition of Caribbean Africans at the Beginning of the
21st Century
By Hilary McD Beckles

No. 4- Oh Canada Our Home on Native Land… The Socio-Economic Experiences of Black Folk: Myths
and Realities.

By Pauline E. Bullen

No. 5- African Entrepreneurship in the Early 21st Century: A Perspective from the Diaspora for the Eighth Pan African Congress.
By Ralph Henry

No.6- Siddis (Africans in India): Responses to their Ancestors at Sacred Sites in India.
By Pash Obeng

No.7- Identidad Politica y Movilización Social de los afrodescendientes en América Latina.
By Jhon Anton Sanchez

No.8- Report on the Status of African Descent in the Caribbean.
By Maziki Thame

No.9- Lenguajes del Silencio Ausencia-presencia de Los Pueblos Afro en Los Andes.
By Wilmer Villa

No.10- The Status of the African Indigenous Communities in the
Afro-Arab States
By Guma Kunda Komey

No.11- Report on the Situation of the Afro-Descendant Population - Brazil.
By Paula Cristina da Silva Barreto

No. 12- Desigualdades de cor ou raca e condicao social da populacao afrodescendente no Brasil: um panorama do cenario atual.
By Marcelo Paixao

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